Wolff Steuerungstechnik GmbH

Wolff Steuerungstechnik GmbH 从 Lemgo:

Firma WOLFF Steuerungstechnik GmbH.
Handel mit Maschinen für die Bearbeitung von Aluminium-, PVC- und Stahlprofilen (Neu- und Gebrauchtmaschinen).
Eigener Schaltschrank- und Steuerungsbau.
Generalüberholung von Gebrauchtmaschinen.

先生 Ingo Montag
Weststraße 56
32657 Lemgo

旋转横切锯和斜切锯 Graule ZS135

Crosscut and mitre saw, pull saw, crosscut saw, aluminum circular saw, metal circular saw, metal cutting saw, underfloor circular saw with double mitre, aluminum crosscut saw, unde... ...

圆锯 拉锯
圆锯 拉锯 Graule ZS 200 N

Cutting length 420 mm at 90° 295 mm at 45° Cutting height 200 mm at 90° 140 mm at 45° Saw can be tilted on one side up to approx. 25° to an acute angle and tilted to the left up to... ...

拉锯 Graule ZS 200 N

Max. saw blade diameter: 520 mm Cutting height: 200 mm at 90°, 140 mm at 45° Cutting length: 420 mm Dpc2Mr Mitre range horizontal: 45°-90°-25° Mitre range vertical: 60°-90°-30°... ...


IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE CNC-controlled double-head double mitre circular sawing machine for the efficient cutting of profiles made of aluminum, non-ferrous metals and various plastic... ...

双横切锯 KS 400M
双横切锯 KS 400M Pressta Eisele KS 400M

Double circular saw PRESSTA EISELE KS 400M Bgv0U8Hble... ...

斜切锯 Graule ZS 170N

Year: 2017 - technically efficient, ready to work – after full service - disc diameter: 420 mm - cooling installation - two-sided pneumatic pressure Dpa0Gj - adjustable crank - hy... ...

加工中心 Schüco PSC 100 RL

Profile sawing center PSC 100 LR Aluminum processing - Schüco PSC 100 LR - automatic center for cutting aluminum profiles. Sggjdzbsff Maximum cross-section 160x270mm, length 7,500m... ...

玻璃珠锯 Kaltenbach SKL 400 H

Max. saw blade diameter: 400 mm Sf30Oa3Spt Continuously adjustable saw blade feed 2 engine speeds Pneumatic material clamps Minimum quantity spray device... ...

铝锯机 Elumatec SA 142 / 35

Max. saw blade diameter: 500 mm Max. feed length: 650 mm (1-way) Digital display of feed length Chip extraction Pneumatic material feed Pneumatic saw feed Minimum quantity spray de... ...

双斜切锯 Elumatec DG 244

Max. sawing length: 6,000 mm Max. saw blade diameter: 550 mm 5 motor-controlled axes (length positioning and precise angle adjustment for tilting/swivelling) 2 pneumatically foldin... ...

铝锯 Pressta Eisele LMS 350 GM

Max. saw blade diameter: 350 mm Pneumatic material clamps Micro spray device Gojvw0 Saw table can be rotated in both directions... ...

斜切锯 elumatec MGS 72/10

Pivoting range from 0° - 45°, continuously adjustable to the left and to the right Positive location points at 15°, 30°, and 45° Saw blade diameter 380 mm Saw blade speed 2,800 rpm... ...

铝锯 Elumatec MGS 72

Max. saw blade diameter: 380 mm Bokps9Tmecy Manual saw blade feed Pneumatic material clamps Weight: approx. 300 kg... ...

铝锯 Kaltenbach TL 350

Max. saw blade diameter: 350 mm Manual material tensioner G7Dr0Iaw... ...

横切锯和斜切锯 Graule ZS170N + 3m RL

Type ZS 170N Motor 400 V / 2.0 kW Bojvkadozys Speed 3500 rpm Cutting length 410 mm (at 90°) Cutting height 170 mm (at 90°) Mitre range horizontal 45°-90°-25° Vertical mitre range 9... ...

单头铝质斜切锯 Pressta Eisele / Pertici Typ 50 + Zufuhrrollenbahn 4/3m

Pertici 50 is a single-head mitre saw with saw blade ø 500 coming from below B23Yznst... ...

斜切锯 Graule ZS-170N

Type ZS 170N Motor 400 V / 2.0 kW Speed 3500 rpm Bojhugbff7V Cutting length 410 mm (at 90°) Cutting height 170 mm (at 90°) Mitre range horizontal 45°-90°-25° Vertical mitre range 9... ...

横切和斜切圆锯机 GRAULE ZS 170 NS

Lg.no. 24249 Cross-cut and mitre circular saw suitable for mitre cuts Technical data: - Saw blade dimensions 420 x 3.5 x 40 mm - Horizontal miter adjustment 45° - 90° - 20 ° -... ...

定尺切割和斜切锯 GRAULE ZS 170 NS

cutting width 90°: 410 / 45°:290 mm Cutting height 170 mm Cutting height at 45° 115 mm Gtuecj8Cl saw blade diameter 420 mm machine weight ab. 150 kg Saw blade 40 mm saw blade turni... ...


RAPID machining center type MFC Bohvbusrugs... ...

豆豆头切割机 Emmegi NORMA VIS400 TU/4

The double-headed profile cutting machine is designed for cutting PVC and aluminum profiles. Very convenient cutting with adjustable disc feed speeds. Disc diameter 400mm. Xhsvc0Wq... ...

长度停止 Elumatec MMS 100

Manual length adjustment via hand slide For attachment to any Elumatec single-head saw (right) Max. feed length: 6,000 mm Bohhejdpube... ...

双斜切锯 Elumatec DG 244

Max. sawing length: 6,000 mm Max. saw blade diameter: 550 mm Length and angle adjustment via control E 255 Do2Rd9 Digital angle displays for tilt and pan Moving roller conveyor Min... ...

DGL 双斜切锯
DGL 双斜切锯 Rapid DGL 400

Double mitre saw DGL Beh30Za Product: Rapid Type: DGL 400 year: 1984 with control Ferrocontrol saw blade: 500mm tiltable up to 45... ...

锯 Elu DG 79

Very good condition ! More info ma phone Wcosemcbq... ...