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machinehandel Jespers

machinehandel Jespers 从 TA Ulicoten:

Machinehandel Jespers bv
heet u welkom!

Machinehandel Jespers beschikt over een uiterst omvangrijk assortiment van zowel nieuwe als gebruikte machines ( in- en export ), zoals heftrucks, bouw-machines, lasapparatuur, reiniging- en verwarmingstechniek, opslag containers, hoogwerkers, metaalbewerking etc.

Ook het keuren van elektrische gereedschappen, klimmaterialen, interne transportmiddelen en heftrucks kunnen wij voor u verzorgen volgens de Europese normen. Om de optimale service ook ver na de aankoop te kunnen blijven garanderen, beschikken wij over de juiste vakmensen en reparatie service.

De prijzen op onze website zijn excl. B.T.W.

Herr Peter Jespers
Baarleseweg 16
5113 TA Ulicoten

花岗岩 + 玻璃雕刻机雕刻机 CNC-STEP GranitoGrav Gravierer fuer Stein + Glas

GranitoGrav photo engraving system for granite/gravestones and glass (also suitable for glasses and bottles) Co77qkwt The CNC unit for photo engraving in stone and glass. The CNC......



程序集表 texmato

Here we show an Assembly Table in the area of our wide range of standardized and near-standardized machines. Of course each machine can be modified to your special needs. Please co......

Laderenum Luken Alu Trapez 840/7700

Cargo hold, hatches, cargo hold hatches, trapezoidal sheet metal, hatches, barge hatches -self-supporting -Width: 840 mm -Length: 7700 mm -Material: aluminum -Number: 22 x ha......

减震器 Gummi DN 100

Vibration damper, compensator, damper -Mounting: on pumps, compressors, valves 3arijmzj -Machines for: noise damping and absorption of small vibrations -Size: DN 100 -Number: ......

时间记录装置 BENZING BDE-Terminal

Time recording device, terminal -Number: 1x time recording devices available Lh98p -Price: per piece -with hand scanner Datalogic touch 90......

喂料技术 VA SBZ-2

Feed technology, feed device, storage container with automatic feed -Automatic feeder with storage container -The device was built for the production of electric clamps -Dimens......

灭火喷嘴17件 Unifire V12

Fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing nozzles, spray nozzles, jet lance, hollow jet nozzle, hollow jet pipe -Manufacturer: Unifire -Type: V 12 -2-10: bar -22-37: m -134-302:......

灭火器粉 TOTAL G 50

Fire extinguisher, powder extinguisher Uzgho -Fire classes: A, B and C -Chassis: with solid rubber tires and swivel castor -Nitrogen bottle -10 m high-pressure hose: with lock......

减震器 Gummi DN 100 ERV

Vibration damper, compensator, damper -Mounting: on pumps, compressors, valves -Machines: to dampen noise and absorb small vibrations -Size: DN 100 Licez -Width: 140 mm -Weig......

金属桶盖折叠机 Babkop Ø 210

Lid folding machine, folding machine, folding machine, lid folding machine, can folding machine, can folding machine -Lid folding machine for metal buckets -The machine makes th......

压缩空气呼吸器 Draeger R 19289

Compressed air breathing apparatus -electric pump with emergency crank -Distributor: with pressure gauge -Tube -Box -Transfer: in the current condition as seen -Weight: 100k......

压缩空气呼吸器 Draeger PA EN137 1600 Liter

Compressed air breathing apparatus, respiratory protection -2 bottle device -Overpressure with pressure reducer Qkuqglige -High pressure manometer Regulator with integrated wa......

搅拌罐 VA Ø 300 mm mit Schnecke

Agitator tank, agitator tank, agitator tank, agitator tank, silo system, transport silo, tank, fertilizer storage silo, mixing container, mixer -Electric gear motor -Drive: 0.37......

楼梯辅助 Alber S25

Stair aid -Auxiliary device for climbing stairs -Battery operation 2zxwpb0p -Load: 120 kg -Dimensions: 320/420/H1150 mm -Own weight: 26 kg......

GFK BTank(筒仓) Staffelstein 13.500 Liter Inhalt

GRP BTank -Hopper in funnel shape made of: GRP -Without base -Diameter: 2780 mm Bsbufobo -Height: 3700 mm -Number: 8 pieces in stock......

压缩空气呼吸器 Draeger R 19289

Compressed air breathing apparatus -Transfer: in the current condition as seen -electric pump with emergency crank -Distributor: with pressure gauge -Tube -Box -Weight: 100 ......

监视器 Philips mit Nachtsichtgerät

Surveillance camera, video surveillance -1x: camera in housing -with: night vision -on: 2x movable axes -1x: camera replacement -Come: from a warehouse liquidation -is sold ......

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